Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Scholarly Concentration

Lifestyle choices regarding physical activity, nutrition, stress management and social support are major factors contributing to health outcomes. Changes in these behaviors can lead to better health outcomes, reduce health care costs and improve community health. Through this concentration, students learn how to help patients implement evidence-based lifestyle choices with a team of exercise physiologists, nutritionists, mental/behavioral health counselors, social workers and other health professionals.

Specialized Training

During the Lifestyle Medicine elective, medical students participate in activities at the Healthy Lifestyle Center and through the Clinical Exercise Physiology Program at Ball State. In the CEP Lab, students participate in physical fitness testing/assessments and use resulting data to develop comprehensive lifestyle modification prescriptions. Students can be their own test subject in the CEP Lab.

At the Healthy Lifestyle Center, students work with an interprofessional team to improve health outcomes of patients. To complete this part of the program, students develop a short research or programming proposal aimed at either improving access to primary care or infusion of lifestyle medicine into the primary care environment. This proposal can be used as the basis for future scholarly concentration research.

Muncie Campus MD Program

An important resource in Muncie related to health promotion and disease prevention is the Healthy Lifestyle Center. At this facility, interprofessional teams with expertise in nutrition, exercise, mental/behavioral health counseling, social work, and other specialty areas of health evaluate needs of patients, educate patients on how lifestyle decisions affect health and help design plans to meet health goals. Another resource is the Ball State Clinical Exercise Physiology Program, which conducts comprehensive health and fitness assessments to design programs for improving health.


Larry B. Fromm, PhD

Larry B. Fromm, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Michael D. Litt, PhD

Michael D. Litt, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics