Medical Genetics Scholarly Concentration

Medical genetics is rapidly changing and shaping patient care. Therefore, it is imperative that clinicians understand cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment approaches. This concentration provides a deep-dive into the latest genetic developments and concepts that are transforming the practice of medicine. Students may explore clinical research (including lab diagnostics and gene therapy), clinical case reports with literature reviews, or new areas of interest.

Genetics in medicine presents an integrative learning process, and the knowledge base is growing rapidly. Students in this concentration learn how to synthesize important information and deal with ambiguity, which isn’t mutually exclusive. A course is available to help students learn and appreciate the complexity of communicating genetic testing results, particularly to families and patients. This program establishes a challenging but fulfilling exposure to the key elements of a laboratory, clinical genetics and clinical trial expectations.

Clinical geneticists consult with a variety of medical disciplines. So, this concentration will benefit any student willing to explore any aspect of the genetics practice continuum (e.g., lab results, clinical discussions, designing a clinical trial) in one or more medical specialties. Scientific innovation is driven by challenges not repeating the same treatment paradigms.

Indianapolis Campus MD Program

Students and faculty at the Indianapolis campus benefit from convenient proximity to some of the largest teaching hospitals in the state of Indiana as well as an array of research centers. The Indianapolis campus has fully functional laboratories in cytogenetics, molecular and biochemical genetics, pharmacogenomics, and a cell and gene therapy manufacturing facility. The clinical geneticists in residence provide consulting and on-call service across the IU School of Medicine facilities in Indianapolis and have a synergistic relationship with all departments.


Daniel R. Brady, PhD

Daniel R. Brady, PhD

Lecturer in Medical & Molecular Genetics
Theodore E. Wilson, MD

Theodore E. Wilson, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medical & Molecular Genetics

Sample Project Topics

The nature of the Scholarly Concentration program allows for students to select project topics based upon their interest and faculty member expertise. Example project topics include:

  • Synthesis of new genetic data supporting syndrome identification
  • Expanding care to patients who typically wouldn’t receive genetic testing
  • Case studies of CAR-T and gene therapies in specific genetic conditions
  • Medical outcomes of emerging immune-oncology therapies in cancer
  • Implementing clinical trials in gene therapy