MD Program

Equipment Requirements for First-Year Medical Students

First-year medical students are given dissection kits and clean lab gowns to protect clothing (in the Gross Anatomy Lab) so required supplies to purchase in preparation for the first year of medical school are minimal.

Required Supplies

The Medical Instrument Package is available for purchase at The Medical Store using school code: iusm2022.

  • Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope kit (Traditional is adequate; a Pan-Optic is highly suggested.)
  • Stethoscope (Cardiology Grade)
  • Reflex hammer
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Tuning forks (512 Hz and 128 Hz)
  • A penlight is useful.
  • Measuring tape (metric or metric and English units)
  • Hand-held Snellen eye chart

Laptop Computer

All IU School of Medicine first- and second-year medical students are required to have a personal laptop for classroom purposes. While tablet computers may be used for general and personal tasks, they do not meet the minimum requirements for all systems used at IU School of Medicine. For portability, a laptop is necessary for medical education course work.

Several computer programs and web-based applications are required for medical education. To use these applications, students must ensure that personal laptops for education meet the minimum requirements. For existing laptops, students should ensure that the computer meets the minimum requirements. If purchasing a new laptop, it is strongly recommended that the computer meets the optimal requirements.

These requirements are based on applications used in IU School of Medicine courses statewide. Campuses or departments might make use of other computer programs or web-based applications. Students should check with the campus contact and academic instructors for any other requirements.

Tips on Purchasing Required Supplies

IU students can access discounted hardware. See An IU Network ID is required on some sites to view discounted prices.

Do not unnecessarily order software from vendor sites when purchasing hardware, as many products and software packages (including those offered by Adobe and Microsoft) as well as antivirus products are available as free downloads to IU students, faculty and staff via IUware, and on disc at campus bookstores. Students do not need to purchase any Microsoft packages (such as “trial” or “student edition” versions). Additionally, students may use IUanyWare to run Windows software virtually on a Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or BlackBerry device without downloading. For more information, see