Postdoctoral Training

IU School of Medicine offers postdoctorate training programs to expand the skills and knowledge of PhDs to advance their careers. Two types of postdoctoral researchers train at IU School of Medicine: Postdoctoral Appointees and Postdoctoral Fellows. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs enhances the postdoctoral experience at IU School of Medicine by providing support and resources to address the unique needs of each postdoctoral researcher.

Benefits and Funding

The benefit plan a postdoctorate trainee receives at IU School of Medicine depends on the type of appointment and program the individual is pursuing. Applicants can consult with a department administrator to get details on program types.

Appointees are considered employees of the university and receive the benefits standard to Academic Appointees.

Fellows begin training with different benefit structure than Appointees, as funding agencies require fellows not have an employer relationship. The benefit plan for postdoctorate fellows at IU School of Medicine is underwritten by Anthem.


Easy access to academic courses is one of the benefits of working in higher education. IU employees receive the IU Tuition Benefit through Human Resources. Non-employees or those funded under a training grant often find the grant includes funding for tuition and professional development programs. Postdoctorate trainees interested in this benefit should speak to the department and/or grant administrator for more information.

If registering for a course but not seeking another degree, the status would be classified as Graduate Non-Degree (GND), and GND application must be completed. This application is available online through the IUPUI Graduate Office and typically includes an application fee. Prior to completing the application, applicants should speak to a department administrator, as they often request the application fee to be waived. After submitting the application, a confirmation email from the Graduate Office will be sent with detailed instructions on how to register for the course.

International Applicants

The American English Intonation Program improves participants’ spoken communications with colleagues, patients and staff through modification—not elimination—of their international accents. Classes take place from 5:15 to 7:15 pm in the Candlelight Room, A3050-A, at Methodist Hospital. Register

The Postdoc Buddy Program is a peer-to-peer mentoring program designed to help new and incoming postdocs in adjusting to a new city and job by matching them with existing postdocs at IU School of Medicine. A new job and work environment comes with its own stress. In addition, people moving from other countries must adjust to a different culture. This program provides added guidance for these individuals.

For information on financial assistance and legalities in accurately applying for financial support as an international trainee, visit the Office of International Affairs.