PhD Curriculum

All first-year PhD students complete three, eight-week rotations (GRDM-G718). During these rotations students have the opportunity to explore research areas in the IU School of Medicine’s world-class research laboratories and the school’s many research centers and institutes.

Before choosing the first rotation laboratory, students learn about research opportunities available through a variety of programs, including the mandatory Introduction to Programs series during the fall semester and interactions with the PhD program directors and graduate research faculty in meetings, laboratory visits. Program research retreats and open days also provide insight to specific labs.

First Year

All IBMG students complete the following required courses

GRDM-G715 Biomedical Science I. Biochemical Basis of Biological Processes (3 credits)
GRDM-G716 Biomedical Science II. Molecular Biology and Genetics (3 credits)
GRDM-G717 Biomedical Science III. Cellular Basis of Systems Biology (3 credits)
GRDM-G718 Research in Biomedical Science (first rotation) (2 credits). Course is held in the last eight weeks of the fall semester.

GRDM-G655 Skills – Research Communications Seminar (1 credit)
GRDM-G718 Research in Biomedical Science (2nd and 3rd rotations; 2 credits each) (4 credits)

As part of the second semester, students select courses consistent with their likely PhD program(s) from a modular curriculum.

At the end of the first year, laboratory assignments are made and PhD students choose a lab and program offered by the biomedical program. Students complete a research project along with the requirements of the selected degree program. View the Lab Rotation Mentor Agreement.

View the current list of open labs.

Second Year

After joining a program, all PhD students are required to complete two additional courses as part of the IBMG program. In the fall of the second year, all IBMG students take a research ethics course and an experimental design/biostatistics course: GRDM-G855 Experimental Design and Biostatistics (1 credit) and GRDM-G505 Responsible Conduct of Research (1 credit). All courses that begin with “G” are in the GRDM department code (Graduate Medicine.