Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation should come from a lab mentor, PI or senior lab researcher with a PhD who has both a professional and direct knowledge of the applicant. Current or recent academic instructors and/or employers (with direct knowledge of the applicant) are also accepted. Letters from friends, lab mates, coworkers, priests or irrelevant instructors, faculty, or administrators are not accepted. All letters of recommendation are due by the December 15 application deadline.

Letters of recommendation should address:

  • How long and in what capacity does the recommender know the applicant?
  • How many students has the recommender known at this level?
  • What is the candidate’s intellectual potential; ability to plan and conduct research; creativity and originality; knowledge in chosen field; ability to work independently and with a team; maturity; motivation for graduate study; writing ability; oral expression; integrity; and overall potential for graduate work in biomedical sciences?

One of the following means can be used to submit letters of recommendation:

  • Applicant completes and submits application before deadline allowing time for recommenders to complete using the electronic system (preferred).
  • Recommenders email recommendations to biomed@iupui.edu.
  • Recommenders mail recommendations directly to the Graduate Division in a sealed envelope with signature on the seal of the envelope.
  • Applicant collects letters of recommendation in a sealed envelope with a recommender’s signature on the seal and mails directly to the Graduate Division.