Graduate Medical Education

Employment FAQ

Your letter of appointment will be added to the required document list in the IUSM Enrollment Portal upon successful completion of a background check. You will receive another MedHub Notification email indicating that your enrollment portal has been updated and needs your attention.

Residents and fellows are employed and paid by Indiana University (IU) and will continue to be paid by IU even when rotating to affiliated hospitals and off-site electives.

You will be paid monthly on the last business day of each month.
1. December’s pay is deposited the first working day of January in the next calendar year so that only twelve pay periods are reported on your annual W-2 instead of thirteen. No advance pay can be made.

2. Some fellowship positions are paid monthly on the first business day of each month. Please check with your program coordinator to determine if your fellowship program falls under this exception.

You will receive an email from the IU Office of Financial Management Services (FMS) after HR has finalized your electronic hire documents. This email contains vital instructions for setting up your direct deposit, completing your W-4 Federal and State tax withholdings, creating your IU Account and Network Login. More details are provided within the Enrollment Actions list.

Yes, direct deposit pay advices are distributed electronically through the University’s One.IU system. Access this system with your IU Account credentials.

One.IU is Indiana University’s web-based application portal that provides online services at all IU campuses. One.IU offers easy direct access for IU faculty and staff to the HR System, IT Services, Payroll & Taxes, and much more. Use your IU Account credentials to access this system. Once logged in, click on (or search for) the Employee Center icon to access payroll and tax information, enroll or make changes to benefits, update address & contact information, and much more.

GIS is a HR-appointed firm that conducts all of IU School of Medicine pre-employment screenings electronically and should also be added to your safe senders list. All residents and fellows will receive an email from GIS in May that requires you to follow another link to complete Section 1 of the I-9 Employment Eligibility form. Upon your arrival to campus, you should be prepared to show your original employment eligibility documents (acceptable list of documents can be found w/in the Enrollment Actions list) to your program coordinator. Within three business days of your hire date, the program coordinator will complete Section 2 of the I-9 Employment Eligibility, after which an E-verify check will be run.

In general, only non-citizens who have permission to work from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can apply for a Social Security number. To apply for a Social Security number:
1. Complete an Application For A Social Security Card form (Form SS-5)

2. Provide original documents proving your immigration status, work eligibility, age, identity.

3. Take your completed application and original documents to your local Social Security office. In Indianapolis, this office is located at US Social Security Administration, 575 North Pennsylvania St., #685, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Find the Application For a Social Security Card form (Form SS-5) and additional information, including an explanation of acceptable documents and Social Security office locations.

The phone number is 317-234-2060 and email address is Additional information is available on the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency website.

All of these items will be given to you by the program coordinator.

Print the Jagtag/School of Medicine ID Card Expense Authorization Form within the IU School of Medicine Enrollment Portal, complete the top half, and give the form to your program coordinator. After he/she fills out the bottom portion, take the completed/ signed form to the JagTag Office, located on the 2nd floor of the IUPUI Campus Center building (southwest corner of Michigan St. and University Blvd).

Benefit information can be accessed through the IU Human Resources site Find additional information on the “Benefits” page of the online GME Handbook. Refer to One.IU Employee Center to determine the plan in which you participate.

The Anthem plan year runs from January through December (calendar year). Refer to One.IU Employee Center to determine the plan in which you participate.

Coverage begins on the first day your enrollment/hire begins.

Coverage ends on the last day of eligibility (midnight on the last day of active full-time employment).

Marriage = marriage certificate, Birth = birth certificate or birth confirmation letter. If you marry or have a child, you must complete a Request Family Status Change form to add the dependent(s) to your insurance within thirty days of the event via One.IU– Employee Center tab – Benefits section. If you do not complete a change form or submit proof of dependency within thirty days of the event, you will be required to wait until the next open enrollment period to obtain benefits for your spouse or child.

GME Orientation consists of at least two required stages: mandatory online modules and one half-day live orientation. Details about orientations are available within the IUSM Electronic Enrollment Portal. Please note that your program likely conducts a departmental orientation that also requires your attendance.

IU School of Medicine graduates should create or set their preferences to a Umail account to prevent losing their IU email within two weeks after graduation. Click the link and follow the directions on the UITS website.

On the Liability Insurance form the company name should be listed as: Old Crescent Insurance Company, your dates of coverage would simply be the dates of attendance while in medical school, and you should check the box indicating that you are not the primary insured (address and other fields are not required).