Continuing Medical Education


The Indiana University School of Medicine’s Division of Continuing Medical Education provides lifelong learning opportunities to increase knowledge and competence and, to the fullest extent possible, to enhance the ability of physicians and other health care professionals to improve their performance and/or to improve patient- and systems-level outcomes.

Indiana University School of Medicine
Division of Continuing Medical Education
410 W. 10th Street, HS 2100
Indianapolis, IN 46202
317-274-5182 (fax)



A list of parking and transportation options at the Health Information and Translation Services (HITS) Building, 410 W. 10th Street, is below. Several parking EM and ST surface parking lots are located in near walking distance along with easy access to the People Mover – Canal Station stop.

IUPUI Parking Lots near HITS
For individuals with valid Indiana University EM parking passes, parking is available at:
EM/ST Lot. 101 – Located on N. California St., just south of W. 9th Street.
EM Permit Lot 103 – Located off W. 10th Street, across from the Fairbanks Employee lot
EM/ST Permit Lot 104 – Located on Martin Luther King Street, just south of W. 11th Street

Street Parking
Free street parking may be available along N. Senate Avenue, which is just east of Fairbanks Hall and in front the Stutz Building.

IU Health People Mover
Visitors to the CME offices can use the IU Health People Mover to the Canal Station, which is the mid-point stop between campus/Riley and Methodist Hospital. Once arriving at Canal Station, follow the sky walk to the 4th Floor elevators inside Fairbanks. Take the elevators to the 1st floor. Exit to the left and head out the doors. HITS is located directly across the Canal from Fairbanks.


Michelle Howenstine, MD

Interim Director
Kim M. Denny, MS

Program Manager
Rokeena Williams


Arika Buckley, Commercial Support Coordinator
Mackenzie Church, Compliance and Meeting Planning Specialist
Leila Darden, Compliance and Meeting Planning Specialist
Debbie Graham, Registration Specialist
Griseldis Ortega, Compliance and Meeting Planning Specialist
Jill Phillips, Compliance and Meeting Planning Specialist
Debbie Wieckert, Compliance and Meeting Planning Specialist