The Medical Sciences Program in Bloomington is unique among the IU School of Medicine campuses in that it educates medical students seeking an MD as well as graduate and undergraduate students. Bloomington offers a Big 10 learning environment on an iconic campus.

With six major hospitals housing about 2000 beds, medical students in Evansville have access to physician educators in a range of medical specialties. An expanded residency program here will provide more than 100 new graduate medical education positions over the next few years.

The Fort Wayne campus offers clinical education in both rural and urban communities through two large hospital systems serving the region. A Student Research Fellowship Program offers med students nine weeks of summer research experience.

Students and faculty in Indianapolis benefit from close proximity to some of Indiana’s largest teaching hospitals and the Richard L. Roudebush Veterans Administration Medical Center. This campus offers medical education in the heart of one of the most progressive and economically healthy cities in the United States.

Muncie is the School’s only campus that’s located on hospital property, giving medical students a front-row four-year medical education with all the amenities that come with being located near the campus of Ball State University, a bustling college environment.

Located in a highly populated urban region just 25 miles from downtown Chicago, the Gary campus offers medical students unparalleled access to clinical care at 11 major teaching hospitals housing 2800 beds. An expanded residency program in Gary will accommodate more than 100 new graduate medical education positions.

IU School of Medicine-South Bend is located on the campus of Notre Dame, offering a rich campus life in a traditionally collegiate community. Students here gain clinical care experience at the Navari Student Outreach Clinic, and external funding for faculty research exceeds $2 million per year.

Known for its rural medical education program, IU School of Medicine-Terre Haute meets the increased need for physicians to serve rural communities throughout the state of Indiana and beyond. This unique four-year medical school program emphasizes primary care and other specialties of need in rural communities.

Located on the campus of Purdue University, the West Lafayette campus offers a Big Ten campus atmosphere and opportunities to supplement the MD curriculum with research experience in the collaborative labs and research centers here. This IU School of Medicine campus offers on-campus housing to med students.

West Lafayette


Medical Student Facilities


Having a positive education environment and places to relax are important parts of academic success. The West Lafayette campus provides comfortable facilities and amenities to make it easier for students to study, complete academic work, manage everyday life tasks—and relax. Student study and lounge areas make it easy for first- and second-year students to interact on a daily basis. And casual interaction between medical students and other allied professionals is common in the many shared study and lounge areas in the building.

Students may copy and print from a full-color copier in the student lounge. A fax machine in the office is also available for student and faculty use, and conference rooms are available for videoconferencing, which enables students in West Lafayette to participate in student interest groups or Medical Student Council meetings held in Indianapolis. Swipe card access to Lyles Porter Hall is available 24/7. Restaurants and banking institutions are located within a few blocks.

Work and Study Space

Lyles Porter Hall offers students a variety of study spaces and provides wireless access to wifi. In addition to the first- and second year- classrooms, students can also use small group rooms, the computer lab, bio-safety lab, and two furnished lounge areas to study. The building also has three floors with two open lounges on each floor.

All medical students also have access to all online resources, such as MedLine and various online textbooks, through the Ruth Lilly Medical Library.

Study Breaks

Adjacent to the student lounge is a kitchenette with a full-size refrigerator, microwave, and two Keurig coffee makers.


A library of required, optional and supplemental textbooks is located in the student lounge for medical students. Journals such as JAMA are also available in the student lounge. Board-review books are available in the main office for checkout. For students doing clerkships in West Lafayette, all textbooks are provided.

Personal Space on Campus

In addition to work and study spaces, medical students in West Lafayette have personal spaces for storing items and communicating with the outside world. All medical students in West Lafayette are assigned lockable lockers for convenient storage of scrubs, books and microscopes and other valuable items while participating in medical school activities. The lockers are located near the anatomy lab and restroom/shower area in Lyles Porter Hall.

Each student is also assigned a locked mailbox for mail and class notes, which are printed and distributed. These mailboxes are located in Lyles Porter Hall in the second floor west wing hallway. Packages delivered to students at the West Lafayette campus are held for pick up in the main office, Lyles Porter 2069. Intracampus mail service is available as well as outgoing mail pick up by the US Postal Service.


Numerous apartments at all price ranges are available throughout campus and in Lafayette. The Exponent, the local student newspaper, is a reliable resource for apartment searching. Information about on-campus housing for unmarried medical students is available through the University Residencies website. Information about on-campus housing for married students is available at Married Student Housing or through the University Residences Directors’ Office, Purdue University, Smalley Center, 1225 Third Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2008. The Purdue University Dean of Students’ Office maintains a website of available housing.