Pediatric Urology Clinical Care

Clinical Care

The Division of Pediatric Urology provides a wide range of services throughout the state of Indiana and has the busiest pediatric urology surgical practice in North America based on surgical case volume. It is recognized internationally as a leader for several procedures, including complex urinary tract reconstruction. Since these patients require lifelong follow up and care after surgery, the division developed the Transitional Urology Clinic, which is one of the only clinics of its kind in the country. The team is also internationally recognized for expertise in complex genital reconstruction. It is one of only four centers in the U.S. designated as a Center of Surgical Excellence for surgical reconstruction for children born with congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Case and clinic volumes from 2015-17

Outpatient clinic visits: 35,125
Surgical procedures performed: 8,427

Index procedures performed in 2017:

  • Exstrophy closure: 12
  • Continent bladder reconstruction: 59
  • Botox bladder injections:  61
  • Open pyeloplasty: 65
  • Surgery for duplication anomalies in the kidney:  82
  • Hypospadias procedures: 295
  • Posterior urethral valve ablation: 22
  • Robotic/laparoscopic renal procedures: 57

Statewide Pediatric Urology Clinics

Over the past 20 years, the division has created a network of satellite clinics to provide local care for children across the entire state. There are 17 satellite locations that are staffed several days a month. These multidisciplinary clinics provide a wide range of unique services in collaboration with other physicians. Each of these clinics are unique and are the only opportunity for patients in the state to receive care for these complex medical conditions.


Spina Bifida Clinic and Transitional Spina Bifida Clinic
Complex Voiding Dysfunction Center
Refractory Bowel and Bladder Dysfunction Clinic (Sacral Neuromodulation Clinic)
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Clinic
Maternal Fetal Medicine Program
Urology-Nephrology Stone Clinic
Disorder of Sexual Differentiation Clinic
Center for Urogenital and Colorectal Health