Radiology and Imaging Sciences


Residency Training

With more than 50 residents training as part of this department at any given time, the Radiology Residency at IU School of Medicine is one of the largest residency training programs in the United States. The achievements and reputation of the department’s teaching faculty along with the opportunities for advanced clinical service and facilities for and commitment to research make this an exemplary program for residents.

National accrediting organizations have approved residency training programs in the subspecialty of interventional radiology. Accreditation for other radiology subspecialties is likely to follow. After completing training at IU School of Medicine, radiology residents and fellows are highly competitive for positions throughout the United States.

The Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences receives approximately 500 inquiries about residencies from graduating medical students each year; from these, excellent candidates are selected for the 13 first-year positions. Most residents elect to complete a one-year fellowship in a radiology subspecialty area after their residency.

Radiology Residency Programs

The Diagnostic Radiology Residency program at IU School of Medicine has long been a major program in the training of radiologists in the United States. As one of the most comprehensive, intense and academically sound residency training programs in the world, this graduate medical education program includes exciting endeavors in research, education, informatics and business in a dynamic, optimistic and innovative learning environment.

The Diagnostic Imaging Physics Residency at IU School of Medicine is a two-year program that provides advanced training for imaging physicists. Residents who complete this program achieve competency in all areas of clinical diagnostic physics and are prepared to practice as independent clinical diagnostic physicists.