Precision Medicine in Psychiatry

The future of medicine is personalized, preventive and participatory. The patient and family are at the center of their health care decisions, and incorporating the latest diagnostic and therapeutic advances is crucial. In collaboration with the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, the Department of Psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine is focused on developing better diagnostics and therapeutics for psychiatric and related disorders using a precision health initiative. By looking at all aspects of an individual, including their environment and lifestyle, precision medicine experts can better diagnose and treat patients.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The world at large is a diverse place, full of people from various socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Shouldn’t health care also reflect the world’s diversity? With precision medicine, IU School of Medicine experts develop personalized, early-intervention methods and treatments to prevent and mitigate diseases that are as broad and unique as the people impacted by them.
Morgan A. McCormick, MD

Morgan A. McCormick, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Alexander B. Niculescu, MD,  PhD

Alexander B. Niculescu, MD, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry
Helen T. Le-Niculescu, PhD

Helen T. Le-Niculescu, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Psychiatry