Courtney B. Johnson

Courtney B. Johnson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry


After completing my fellowship training in clinical neuropsychology through the Indiana University School of Medicine, I joined the faculty in 2015.  Clinically, I work with adults and provide neuropsychological consultation and psychotherapy.  Reasons for being referred to me for neuropsychological consultation vary but may include assessment for memory loss, dementia, cognitive decline, pre-surgical evaluation, and clarifying the impact of mood/life stress on cognitive concerns. 

In psychotherapy, I use a cognitive-behavioral framework (CBT) to inform treatment. Therapy is collaborative, goal-focused, and involves skill-building to address symptoms and work to improve functioning.  Reasons for being referred to me for therapy also vary but may be to address depression, anxiety, conversion disorder (e.g., psychogenic nonepileptic seizures or functional movement disorder), or coping with a neurological condition. Given my training, I am well-informed regarding the cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and psychosocial factors related to neurocognitive disorders (i.e., dementia, mild cognitive impairment) and conditions such as movement disorders (Parkinson disease) and epilepsy. I find my work to be rewarding and appreciate the ability to provide multi-disciplinary care. Outside of work, I enjoy running and cooking. 


(317) 963-7300 

GH 2230 PSYC
Indianapolis, IN


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  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology