All residents have the opportunity to participate in various didactics, including instruction and certification in test administration and scoring, medical neuroscience wet labs (neuroanatomy for medical students), Neurology Grand Rounds, Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Stark Neurosciences Research Institute seminars, Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center clinicopathologic case conference, brain cuttings, observe fMRI for epilepsy surgery, observe neurosurgery, shadow in neurology clinics, train in Protection of Human Subjects and train in compliance. Residents will also be able to participate in other conferences or series.

Residents practice fact-finding in the style of ABCN board certification

Lectures and guided readings on topics covering all major adult and pediatric neurobehavioral conditions and clinical neurology and psychiatry.

Offered by clinical neuropsychology faculty for postdoctoral neuropsychology trainees and psychology interns.