Adolescent Behavioral Health Research Program

Training Opportunities in Behavioral Health Research

The Adolescent Behavioral Health Research Program offers a number of education opportunities for PhD psychology students and postdoctoral fellows. For PhD psychology students, practicum opportunities are available, including a practicum for an intensive adolescent outpatient substance-use treatment program at Riley Children’s Hospital and a practicum conducting forensic psychological evaluations through the Marion County Juvenile Court. Postdoctoral fellowships focused on adolescent behavioral health research are also available.


Policing the Teen Brain Program

The Policing the Teen Brain Program faculty and fellows provide police officers across the state of Indiana with education in adolescent development to highlight unique characteristics and needs of the young people that officers may encounter on the job. Officers also receive training in de-escalation techniques and other communication strategies to foster positive interactions with youth. This program was developed by Strategies for Youth and has expanded across the United States.

Evidence-Based Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Through the Family-Based Justice Improvement Project, faculty and fellows in the Adolescent Behavioral Health Research Program provide licensed mental health experts with training in an intensive outpatient substance use treatment, which incorporates principles of motivation enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapies. In addition, bachelors-level case managers receive training in Teen Intervene and Family Check-Up, two brief (3-6 session) interventions based on principles of motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy. Adolescent Behavioral Health Research Program faculty members are available to implement substance use treatment training for community partners.