Clinical Care

The Adolescent Health Program treats any problem in an adolescent that persists or requires more specialized treatment than is usually available through primary care providers. The range of services is broad and includes treatment for physical, emotional and behavioral problems. Most adolescents are referred to this team by a primary care provider or through the request of a parent or adolescent to their primary care provider. Patients are seen at the Riley Hospital Outpatient Center or at IU Health North Medical Center.


Clinical services include chronic health problems; reproductive health care, including gynecological and menstrual problems, family planning, and prevention; evaluation and treatment of eating disorders, nutritional problems and weight management; evaluation and management of sports injuries; and gender dysphoria in children and adolescents.

Clinical Facilities

Depending on the services needed, patients are seen at several locations at IU Medical Center in Indianapolis as well as at community health centers throughout the city. Adolescents requiring hospitalization for medical needs are cared for in a special inpatient unit in Riley Hospital for Children.