Application for the Morris Green Physician Scientist Development Program

Residents and fellows who are interested in participating in the Morris Green Physician Scientist Development Program can apply via the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) if not already matriculated. Download the Morris Green Physician Scientists Training Program application and submit to


When applying to this program, residents must submit a letter of recommendation from a research mentor (if not in ERAS) and notify the program at before the residency interview to indicate interest; additional interviews with pediatric research faculty will be arranged for the in-person visit.


Fellows must submit the following information to when applying to this program: CV; Letter of commitment from the fellowship director; Letter of recommendation from principal research mentor; Letter of reference from a prior research mentor (optional); Personal statement summarizing proposed research project and career goals (1-2 pages); and one peer-reviewed publication (if available). Fellow applicants should notify the program at either before the fellowship interview or after matriculating into the fellowship program to indicate interest. Interviews with pediatric research faculty will be scheduled after a complete application is submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pediatrics residents with a clear commitment to academic medicine and research should apply. Exceptional students and residency applicants are identified and invited to participate, and/or interested students may request information during the interview and residency application process.

The goal is to foster development of research careers, provide more formal academic mentorship and career information early in residency and fellowship for those still developing their interests and skills.

It is expected that many program graduates will pursue fellowships or academic careers at IU or at top programs around the world. Past participants have been very successful in fellowship matching, grant funding, and academic careers.

This is not a separate program but a track to enhance academic development. The IU School of Medicine Pediatric Residency provides a broad education in general and specialty pediatrics for all residents, and all residents are supported in their career and research pursuits whether or not they participate in this program. Program participants will receive a balanced curriculum with flexibility in scheduling electives based on career interests.

Residency applicants apply through the regular ERAS Pediatric program application. Qualified students who are identified during the application/interview process are accepted into the Scholars program if they match at IU School of Medicine. Two or three new residents are accepted each year with 6-8 total program participants at any given time.

Some residents are selected to enter the program later in residency on a competitive basis. However, the goal is to integrate research and scholarly work early in the residency.

Program participants are expected to have an 80 percent attendance rate at research meetings. Mentorship meetings are held quarterly. Research elective(s) are offered during the second year. During the third year, participants complete and present a Senior Project and travel to an academic meeting.