Graduate Degrees

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at IU School of Medicine provides advanced training for graduate students, including a PhD in Experimental Pathology and Master of Science degree for pathologists’ assistants.

Careers of PhD Graduates

Pathology PhD graduates readily find employment after training at IU School of Medicine. The combination of research and clinical skills acquired by students in these programs is highly desirable in many environments.

PhD graduates have been evenly divided between teaching and research careers in academic settings and research careers in medically-related industry.

Graduate Degree Programs

 Master of Science Degree

Master of Science Degree

The Pathologists' Assistant program trains students in both didactic and clinical settings over the course of two years. One of thirteen NAACLS accredited programs in the U.S., the MS Pathologists' Assistant program in the IU School of Medicine produces highly trained health professionals who graduate with the competencies and experiences that are highly valued by employers across the country.
Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

A research-based PhD program in Pathology is available through the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Admitted students take a common curriculum of didactic courses and rotate in various research laboratories. Selection of a research laboratory at the end of the first academic year determines the student's degree department.

Transfer Credit

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine routinely accepts graduate-level science course credits earned by the student before admission to the program. At IUPUI, students enroll under a status called “Graduate Non-Degree,” while other universities may have another name for this status. The number of credits that may be earned under this status is limited by the University, and completion of courses under this status does not guarantee admission to a Pathology graduate program.