Message from the Chair

It has been an exciting year for the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. I want to highlight many noteworthy achievements:

We saw significant growth in the number of clinical faculty with the addition of five (5) physicians along with an outpatient-focused nurse practitioner and two (2) inpatient physician assistants.

I also want to highlight our exceptional Research Program within the Department of Otolaryngology. Within two years, Department funding had increased by 580 percent, ranking the program approximately 14th in the nation according to benchmarks by the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research.

Earlier this year, the 3D Stem Cell Biology Research Group made groundbreaking discovery and became the first laboratory in the world to generate inner ear tissue from human stem cells.

The DeVault Otologic Research Lab began several new studies to include adults as well as children in understanding behavioral and cognitive outcomes for those who receive cochlear implants. Since established in 1991, the DeVault Lab has been a pioneer leader in regards to exploring the adaption of speech and language development with hundreds of publications to prove it.

Our research initiative continues to grow. We recently added two labs to our program:

  1. Bo Zhao, PhD: Laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Auditory Perception and Deafness
    Zhao has collected cochlear cell tissue to construct genomic libraries, examine the interactions between proteins linked to hearing loss, and provide fresh leads for developing novel treatments for some forms of hearing loss.
  2. Thomas O’Connell, PhD: Center for Cachexia Research Innovation and Therapy
    O’Connell is using metabolomics to define and target the source of cachexia through its unique metabolic signature to develop new treatment strategies for cachexia.

We are certainly proud of these achievements and look forward to the future. We welcome your involvement to help us be nationally recognized leaders of Otolaryngology.