Stephen Schlecht

Stephen Schlecht, PhD

Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery


My lab studies the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), including its development, function and response to loading. These studies use a basic, translational, and clinical research approach. Long-term goals of this research is to improve preventative injury diagnostics while also improving ACL reconstruction outcomes in the young.

Key Publications

  1.     Chen J, Shao W, Kim J, Schlecht SH, Baek SY, Jones A, Ahn T, Ashton-Miller J, Banaszak Holl M, Wojtys E*. On an ACL failure mechanism. Am J Sports Med; 2019; 46:2067-2076.
  2.     Mathis NJ, Adaniya EN, Smith LM, Robling AG, Jepsen KJ, Schlecht SH*. Differential chnges in bone strength of two inbred mouse strains following administration of a sclerostin neutralizing antibody during growth. PLoS One; 2019; 14:e0214520.
  3.     Schlecht SH*, Martin CT, Ochocki DN, Wojtys EM, Ashton-Miller JA. Morphology of mouse anterior cruciate ligament-complex changes following exercise during pubertal. J Orthop Res; 2019; 37:1910-1919.
  4.     Schlecht SH*, Ramcharan MA, Yang Y, Smith LM, Bigelow EMR, Nolan BT, Moss DE, Devlin MJ, Jepsen KJ. Differential adaptive response of growing bones from two inbred female mouse strains to voluntary cage wheel running. J Bone Miner Res Plus; 2018; 2:143-153.
  5.     Schlecht SH*, Smith LM, Ramcharan MA, Bigelow EMR, Nolan BT, Mathis NJ, Cathey A, Manley Jr. E, Nadeau JH, Jepsen KJ. Canalization leads to similar whole bone mechanical function in two inbred strains of mice. J Bone Miner Res; 2017; 32:1002-1013.
  6.     Beaulieu ML*, Carey GE, Schlecht SH, Wojtys EM, Ashton-Miller JA. On the heterogeneity of the femoral enthesis of the human ACL: microscopic anatomy and clinical implications. J Exp Orthop; 2016; 3:1-9.
  7.     Beaulieu ML*, Carey GE, Schlecht SH, Wojtys EM, Ashton-Miller JA. Quantitative comparison of the microscopic anatomy of human ACL femoral and tibial entheses. J Orthop Res; 2015; 33:1811-1817.
  8.     Khoury BM, Bigelow EMR, Smith LM, Schlecht SH, Scheller EL, Andarawis-Puri N, Jepsen KJ*. The use of nano-computed tomography to enhance musculoskeletal research. Conn Tissue Res; 2015; 56:106-119.
  9.     Schlecht SH*, Pinto DC, Agnew AM, Stout SD. The effects of disuse on the mechanical properties of bone: what unloading tells us about the adaptive nature of skeletal tissue. Am J Phys Anthrop 2012; 149:599-605.
  10.     Schlecht SH*. Understanding entheses: bridging the gap between clinical and anthropological perspectives. Anat Rec 2012; 295:1239-1251.


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Orthopaedic Surgery
MS 0028 ORTS
Indianapolis, IN


Translational Research

Titles & Appointments

  • Edward H. and Yvonne Boseker Scholar
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology