Obstetrics and Gynecology



The Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology includes six divisions specializing in all areas of obstetrics and gynecology. Faculty experts in these divisions conduct research, teach the next generation of obstetricians and gynecologists and provide top-ranked clinical care to patients, all with the goal of improving the health of women all over the world. Through the school’s strong partnership with Indiana University Health, faculty in this department deliver more than 3,000 babies each year and provide obstetrical and gynecologic care in many areas, including antenatal, postpartum, high-risk pregnancy, gynecologic oncology, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, urogynecology, infertility and more. The department is also involved in global health programs with several faculty members traveling to Kenya each year to improve the health of Kenyan women.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

The Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine provides top-ranked care for women with medical and obstetric issues that are considered “high-risk,” such as preexisting diabetes, chronic high blood pressure, preeclampsia, preterm labor and more.