Obstetrics and Gynecology

Admission Requirements

The Obstetrics and Gynecology program at IU School of Medicine offers 10 intern positions through the National Residency. To be selected for an interview, candidates must complete an application through the electronic residency application service by the October 1 deadline and Step 2 scores must be available prior to ranking in mid-February. Post-graduate cut off of two years or less is preferred, but not required. There is no minimum score requirement and all passing scores are considered. An obstetrics chairman letter is not required. However, at least one of the three required letters should be from an OB-GYN.

International Applicants

International applicants must have ECFMG certification. They must a) have taken the CSA exam before the date of the interview and b) have a passing score to the CSA exam results prior to January 31. Evidence of clinical experience in a U.S. or Canadian hospital in which the applicant had direct patient care contact (such as a clerkship during medical school or a postgraduate externship) is required. Observerships are not sufficient to meet this requirement. The applicant must provide at least one reference letter from a U.S. or Canadian physician who can verify clinical experience and attest to the quality of work. Individuals with permanent resident status are qualified to apply. IU School of Medicine sponsors only J1 visas.

Each application is reviewed once it is completed and a decision is made whether to offer the candidate an invitation to interview. For more information about the program, refer to the IU School of Medicine Residency Directory profile at APGO.org.