Family Medicine


Current Family Medicine Residents

  • Why I chose family medicine: When I was going through my core clinical rotations in medical school, I found parts of every rotation interesting. Family medicine allows me to continue treating a complete spectrum of patients and doesn’t limit me to one subset. I also like the fact that I can build a longstanding relationship with my patients as a family physician. I’d like to be able to treat my patients from the day they’re born to the day I retire!
  • Why I chose the IU School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Residency Program: When I came to Lafayette to interview for the Arnett FM Residency Program, I immediately felt that it was a positive and supportive environment. I had concerns about it being a new residency program, but my questions were answered and I felt confident ranking the program high on my list. Throughout the interview process and second look event, I felt confident that I would be happy training with the team in Lafayette.
  • Professional interests: After completing my residency, I hope to return to my hometown of Coquitlam, British Columbia and practice in outpatient family medicine. I want to focus on effective patient education and primary prevention in the community in order to keep my patients healthy!
  • Personal interests/hobbies: I like outdoor activities like running, biking and hiking. I also enjoy playing/learning music. I play a variety of Indian instruments, such as the harmonium, tabla, and dhol. When I’m home, I like to cook and bake (and eat!).
  • Why I chose family medicine: Prior to entrance into medical school, I had job shadowed many family physicians and I enjoyed the time I spent with those doctors. I have witnessed the humbleness and amount of care the FM doctors dedicate to patients every day as part of their career. I also come from a background of family physicians and therefore I have great insight as to what it is like being a family physician. I felt to some people, being a FM doctor is more than just being a doctor. To some patients, the doctor is the physiatrist, the friend, the social worker. They have the honor to care for patients from a young age and watch them grow into a healthy lifestyle and guide those with difficulties to make correct decisions. FM doctors play a big role in their community as well, since they have an idea of the needs and issues their community is dealing with. I admire that and I want to be part of the solution for any community I settle in and work in as a FM doctor.
  • Why I chose the IU School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Residency Program: Pursuing residency in a well-respected and prestigious university program was very important to me when selecting programs prior to applying for residency. It also appealing to me because of the driven and motivated faculty who are extremely dedicated to teaching. The program is unopposed and being the first resident at Arnett gives me a great opportunity for optimal learning. On a personal level, I believe Lafayette would be a wonderful place to start a family. It is safe, friendly, affordable, and with many local attractions near the city, there won’t be any shortage of fun activates to do during our free time.
  • Professional interests: During my residency training, I plan on taking part in research projects. I have always had an avid interest in tutoring during medical school, and it is my goal to be a good learner and also a good teacher for medical students who will be part of the health care team. After the completion of my residency training, I intend to practice family medicine in a rural settings.
  • Personal interests/hobbies: I enjoy stargazing, traveling, running, hiking, and playing sports such as soccer and Ping-Pong. I also have a big interest in following professional basketball and soccer.
  • Why I chose family medicine: I chose family medicine because of its holistic approach. I love the variety, continuity of care and the opportunity to advocate for patients in our health care system.
  • Why I chose the IU School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Residency Program: I chose Arnett Family Medicine residency because it was a new program and I found it to be a great honor to be a pioneer for the program. I looked for a University program in a small city and Arnett met my needs.
  • Professional interests: My professional interests are teaching and event planning
  • Personal interests/hobbies: My personal interests are sports, organizing, calligraphy, fruit and vegetable art.
  • Why I chose family medicine: Family medicine is one of the few specialties which enables interactions with patients of all age groups and treat conditions of various nature. The ability to foster long-term relations and witness progress of patients is rewarding and unique. Furthermore, the capacity to practice in a wide variety of settings ranging from outpatient clinics, inpatient hospital and ERs highlight the great skillsets possessed by family physicians.
  • Why I chose the IU School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Residency Program: This residency provides an opportunity to learn in an unopposed community hospital setting with access to the resources of a large academic institution. The great faculty and state of the art clinic facilitates learning and the ability to flourish as a family physician.
  • Professional interests: My professional interests include outpatient medicine, clinical procedures and chronic disease management.
  • Personal interests/hobbies: My personal interests and hobbies include traveling, food, fitness, racquet ball, Netflix, technology and aviation.
  • Why I chose family medicine: I chose family medicine as I felt that this field allows me to be the one of the biggest advocates for my patients.  I will be there to help them navigate the healthcare system and ensure quality care.  Family medicine also allows for the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with my patients that can last a lifetime.
  • Why I chose the IU School of Medicine Arnett Family Medicine Residency Program: The Arnett Family Medicine Residency offers a unique opportunity.  Coming from the second class at Marian University College of Medicne, I wanted a residency program that allowed me to be an intricate part of strengthening and growing a program.  With a strong support system of IU Health, I also felt we would have the opportunity to make a large impact on healthcare in the local community and Indiana as a whole.
  • Professional interests: My professional interests include pursuing a fellowship in geriatrics. With a growing geriatric population, I want to have further training in caring for complex geriatric syndromes. During the later stages of their lives, I also want to be able to focus on their quality of life. The geriatric population has unique needs, and I look forward to having additional training to care for them.
  • Personal interests/hobbies: My personal interests include dance. As a trained dancer, I enjoy anything that incorporates dance techniques such as yoga. I also love to be outdoors and to travel to different destinations with unique cultures. I enjoy the opportunity to immerse myself in these cultures and to try the various cuisines.