Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


PhD Minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Diabetes and Obesity Research Training Program at IU School of Medicine was developed to increase the number of scientists conducting basic research relevant to diabetes and obesity in order to address the severe and growing impact of diabetes in the United States. This education program trains scientists to advance the understanding of the basis of diabetes and its complications, and thereby speed the discovery of more effective therapies.

Diabetes is a serious ailment linked to abnormalities in metabolism. Diabetes and its complications affect more than 20 million Americans with an annual cost in excess of $100 billion. Obesity in the United States has reached epidemic proportions which further increases the incidence of diabetes.

IU School of Medicine has a long history of excellence in diabetes research and has an NIH-funded training grant (T32) to support graduate students and postdoctoral fellows interested in training with faculty whose research is relevant to diabetes and obesity. In addition, one fellowship position is funded by a generous endowment from the estate of Virgil T DeVault, MD.

PhD Preceptors with diabetes-related projects are selected from the basic science department graduate programs or interdisciplinary programs. Students fulfill the requirements of their PhD program while also completing the requirements for the Minor in Diabetes and Obesity.

Students attend the Center for Diabetes Metabolic Diseases seminar series. Fellowships for students in the program are available. Both fellows and students are required to participate in certain courses and other activities proscribed by the program.