Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiology

Graduation Requirements

The Pre-Professional Master of Science degree pathway requires a total of 30 credit hours of didactic course work or up to four credits hours of research and an appropriate number of didactic credits to achieve a total of 30 credit hours.

Required CoursesCreditsNote
BIOC-B500 Biochemistry3
PHSL-F503 Basic Human Physiology5
PHSL-F 702 Seminar in Physiology1/semesterCourse must be taken in fall and spring.
PBHL-B 561 Biostatistics3Online course offered in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.
Elective CoursesCredits
ANAT-D501 Human Gross Anatomy5
ANAT-D502 Basic Histology4
ANAT D527 Neuroanatomy: Contemporary and Translational3
ANAT-D853 Human Developmental Anatomy3
BIOL-51600 Molecular Biology of Cancer3
BIOL-55900 Endocrinology3
BIOL-56100 Immunology3
GRDM-G724 Molecular Cancer Genetics1
GRDM-G727 Animal Models of Human Disease1
GRDM-G745 Fundamentals of Intracellular Signal Transduction1-2
GRDM-G747 Principles of Pharmacology1
GRDM-G748 Principles of Toxicology 11
GRDM-G749 Introduction to Structural Biology1
GRDM-G756 Radiation and Cancer Biology3
GRDM-G761 Molecular and Cellular Physiology of Ion Transport1
GRDM-G807 Structural and Chemical Biology2
GRDM G817 Molecular Basis of Cell Structure and Function2
GRDM-G852 Concepts of Cancer Biology: Signaling Gone Awry2
GRDM G855 Experimental Design and Biostatistics1
MICR-J510 Infectious Microbes and Host Interactions3
MICR-G729 Immunology I—Introduction to the Immune System1
PHSL-F 504 Human Physiology Laboratory Simulations3
PHSL-F603 Integrated Medical Physiology3
PHSL-F701 Research in Physiology4

Curriculum Timing

FallBIOC-B 500 Biochemistry (3 credits)*
PBHL-B 561 Biostatistics (3 credits)*#
PHSL-F 503 Basic Human Physiology (5 credits)*
PHSL-F 702 Seminar in Physiology (1 credits)*
Electives (total 3 credits)
Enroll in B-561 Biostatistics for summer and reduce course load to 12 credits.
SpringPHSL-F 702 Seminar in Physiology (1 credits)*
Electives (14 credits)
Enroll in PHSL-F 701 Research in Physiology (4 credits) as an option to reduce didactic course load.

Total Credits Required for MS Degree: 30
*required course
#online course offered in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.


Students must maintain an overall B (3.0) average in coursework and earn no less than a B- in any required or elective course.