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Grants and Exhibitors

Commercial exhibits and advertising is an excellent opportunity to present information about products and devices while developing new contacts to ensure the appropriate management of promotion at an Indiana University School of Medicine Joint Accreditation (JA) accredited activity.

Potential Exhibitors

Several opportunities are available to enhance an organization or company’s presence through various promotional events and activities, allowing for increased business and potential client reach with physicians and other health care professionals.

Exhibitor amenities and resources are as follows:

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Exhibit opportunities are limited to specific activities. To learn more about upcoming activities, fill out the Exhibitor Subscriber Form. An invitation for interested commercial parties to apply as prospective exhibitors does not constitutes a guarantee, formal offer or final agreement.


  • Amenities
    • Use of a single table and two chairs in the exhibit space.
    • Exhibitor identification signage, such as a tabletop sign, table runner, or banner, provided by the exhibitor, is permitted on the table.
    • Permission for two representatives to exhibit the product/service. A third representative can be added for an additional fee in the amount of $500 or the price of registration (to be determined by IU School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education (CME) and the course director). For more than three representatives, additional tables should be purchased.
    • A single set of program materials per exhibitor (not per representative), if program materials have been created and distributed to attendees. However, in no event will IU School of Medicine CME provide a list of program attendees in program materials given to exhibitors.
      Permission to attend the educational activity, subject to the following conditions:
      • Permission to participate in any meals/refreshments at the activity.
      • Acknowledgment at the activity. Pursuant to ACCME SCS 6.4, such acknowledgement will not contain the logo of any individual Exhibitor. Rather, the course director (or other CME representative) will acknowledge the exhibitors and the availability of the exhibit space generally for attendees who choose to visit it.
  • Resources
For more information or technical issues, contact the IU School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education.