Student Services

Students at the IU School of Medicine Indianapolis campus can access a wide range of support services. All centralized student services for the school operate from this location, including academic advising, disability accommodations, financial support, and student mistreatment complaint handling. Localized services are also available, including mental health services, campus safety, peer tutoring, exam preparation and more.

Student Support Services in Indianapolis

As part of the statewide IU School of Medicine academic advising program, each student is assigned a Lead Advisor and a Physician Mentor. Students can access this support at the Indianapolis campus by emailing Lauren Henninger or calling 317-274-4751; emailing Kristen Heath or calling 317-274-766; emailing Courtney Lewellen or calling 317-274-4752; or emailing Kelly Matthews or 317-274-4754. Offices are located in the Medical Research Library (IB 202).

The IU School of Medicine is committed to helping students with disabilities succeed academically. MD students in need of disability accommodations should apply to the IU School of Medicine Disabilities Accommodations Committee.

For after-hours emergency, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911. Round-the-clock, 24-Hour Crisis Resources are also available:
• Mental Health Crisis Line: 317-278-HELP(4357)
• Community Behavioral Healthcare: 800-662-3445; 317-621-5700  

Medical students at the Indianapolis campus can access preventative health services and acute care through the IUPUI Student Health program.

Students at the Indianapolis campus who are seeking Mental Health Services—for any reason—have several support options. IU School of Medicine students and house staff located in Indianapolis can access confidential treatment. Call 317-278-2383 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are usually available within the week and often the same day if needed. Please let the scheduler know the urgency of the need. Students can access these services at Gatch Hall, Suite 600, 1120 W. Michigan Street).

IU School of Medicine students can also access support groups and one-on-one support through the IUPUI Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) program. Same-day crisis appointments will be arranged for students experiencing suicidal thoughts, difficulty completing typical daily tasks, and/or an acute stressor that threatens the safety of self or others. Contact CAPS (Walker Plaza, Suite 220, 719 Indiana Avenue) by phone at 317-274-2548 or by email at

IUPUI Campus Police provide safety escort walks 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To request a Safewalk escort, IU School of Medicine students, faculty and staff call 317-274-7233 (SAFE).