Personal Recreation


A full spectrum of exercise facilities, including swimming, diving, tennis, weights, racquetball, and track, are available on campus for the use of IU School of Medicine students, house staff (resident and fellows), faculty and staff that have paid the recreation fee. The recreation fee can be paid online or at the IU Natatorium Pro Shop. A valid IU School of Medicine ID is required to access the recreation facilities at the Indianapolis campus. The Campus Recreation office is located on the deck level of the Physical Education/ Natatorium building. Open Monday – Friday: 8 am – 5 pm. Saturday and Sunday: Closed. For more information, call 317-274-2824.

Intramural sports on the Indianapolis campus include soccer, flag football, volleyball, rugby, lacrosse, basketball, and more. Sign up early through the Natatorium, as space is usually limited and fills up fast.

On Campus Facilities

  • National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS): Also, through a partnership with IUPUI, NIFS offers discounted and fitness opportunities to IU School of Medicine students. This facility has an indoor track, many treadmills/elliptical machines/bikes/steppers, a very large weight room, a large nautilus section, free lockers, and the old Market Square Arena basketball court. Members get discounted/free classes on everything from yoga to salsa to spinning to Ryu-Te as well as access to trainers, body fat testing, and other types of support. Student memberships cost $42.50 per month plus an initiation fee of $95. Ask about a two-week membership free-trial.
  • Daly Center Workout Room: Available for free to all medical students, this small but convenient workout facility is located next to the lockers in the student lounge and includes private showers in the bathrooms.
  • IUPUI Natatorium: For $20 per semester, a world-class pool is available as well as access to a small weight room. Located just south of the IUPUI campus on New York and University. For $35 per semester, members can access the Polaris room, a large and fully stocked weight facility, where the IUPUI athletes work out. Register in the basement of the Natatorium with a student ID. Many students also take advantage of open gym, which is held many weeknights.
  • IU Health: Students have access to all fitness centers with paid fee, except the IU Health Pathology Lab fitness center.
    • University Hospital (room 0761, access 24/7): Two treadmills, one elliptical, one recumbent cycle, dumbbells (3 – 45 lbs.), a curl bar, Smith Press, pull-up bar, sit-up mats/balls, medicine balls, water and towel service.
    • Methodist Hospital (room A G043, access 24/7): Three treadmills, two ellipticals, one recumbent cycle, one upright cycle, dumbbells (3 – 70 lbs.), a curl bar, a Universal Machine, Smith Press, pull-up bar, sit-up mats/balls, medicine balls, water and towel service, showers and lockers.
    • Fairbanks Hall Fitness Center: (suite 1200, access 24/7): Eight treadmills, 3 Arc Trainers, 2 elliptical machines, 2 recumbent cycles, 2 upright cycles, 1 Rex machine, 13 Cybex strength training machines, Smith Press, Cable Crossover, dumbbells, sit-up board, back extension board, aerobics room, water and towel service, showers and lockers.
    • Goodman Hall (LL 178, 7am-7pm M-F only): Six treadmills, 2 elliptical machines, 1 Arc Trainer, 8 Cybex strength training machines, sit-up board, 3 adjustable benches and dumbbells (5-50 lbs.), water and towel service, showers and lockers.
    • IU Health Pathology Lab Fitness Center (room 4018, 24/7): Available only to employees who have access to the IU Health Pathology Lab. Three treadmills, one elliptical, one Arc Trainer, one recumbent cycle, Hoist personal pulley system, dumbbells (3 – 45 lbs.), a curl bar, sit-up board/ball, water and towel service.

Off campus

  • YMCA: Eleven of these facilities are in the Indianapolis area, including two downtown near campus. Membership rates are very low, and prices are adjusted based on income. Students should take a list of loans and cost of tuition to qualify for the lowest rate. The YMCA also gives discounts for family memberships.
  • Cardinal Fitness: For a cheap, no-contract gym with several locations around Indianapolis, Cardinal Fitness is a good gym for those living in Broad Ripple. After an initiation fee, the monthly cost is $20.

For runners, a very popular trail is the canal downtown. This pedestrian-only path follows the scenic waterway through downtown Indianapolis and is a hot spot for rollerbladers, joggers, walkers (with and without dogs)—and ducks. End to end, this trail is 1.5 miles. Other running locations include the Eagle Creek Park trails, Northwest Way Park, White River Greenway, Whitewater State Park, the Monon Trail, Butler University Campus, and the outdoor track at the Natatorium.

The most popular biking trail is the Monon, which stretches through the city from 10th St. near 65/70 all the way up to Carmel (a good 15 miles or so). A paved bike trail that follows the White River Greenway and passes through Riverside Park is also a great option.