Medical Service Learning

Participation in medical service learning programs supplement and enhance medical education with real-world community engagement. All IU School of Medicine students have an opportunity to participate in a broad range of medical service learning experiences, including curricular and co-curricular programs. As part of the school’s mission, educators and mentors emphasize a public responsibility for medical students to serve as advocates for the health and well-being of the community.

While each IU School of Medicine campus offers different medical service learning opportunities for the local community, these innovative experiences are part of a larger organization and commitment that encompasses all elements of the school’s medical education program.

Local Programs in Gary

In this program, second-year medical students mentor first-year medical students. Second-year medical students learn about mentoring and stress-management techniques through the the American Psychological Association’s “Introduction to Mentoring.” Second-year medical students learn about stress management techniques, study techniques and balancing wellness in medical school from their second-year mentors.

First- and second-year students at the Gary campus visit Eads Elementary School in Munster, Indiana, to speak with K-5 students about specific topics such as the meaning of a disability, types of disabilities and how to treat others who have different needs.

Medical students work with Habitat for Humanity throughout the year, building community ties and helping others in need.