Medical Service Learning

Medical service learning strives to supplement and enhance medical education with real-world community engagement. All IU School of Medicine students have an opportunity to participate in a broad range of service-learning experiences, including curricular and co-curricular programs. As part of the School’s tripartite mission, educators and mentors emphasize a public responsibility for students (tomorrow’s physicians) to serve as advocates for the health and well-being of the community.

Each IU School of Medicine campus offers different medical service learning opportunities for the local community, and these innovative experiences are part of a larger organization and commitment that encompasses all elements of the School’s medical education program.

The Evansville campus offers many different medical service learning programs throughout the year. From collection drives for the local food bank to the creation of medical respite kits for the local homeless community, medical students can usually find a community engagement program that resonates on a personal level and facilitates professional growth.