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Photo of Indiana University School of Medicine professor of surgery Sashwati Roy, PhD
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IU School of Medicine research awarded military grant funding for wound dressing study

It may sound like something out of science fiction, using electrical fields to combat antibiotic-resistance bacteria. But for Indiana University School of Medicine professor of surgery...

Marco Gutierrez • Date: 6/4/19

Q&A with Natascia Marino, PhD

Obesity has long been known as a risk factor for developing many diseases, including...

Michael Schug • 3/21/19

Match Day 2019: Army scholar with a passion for urology celebrates a match with Duke University

Gabrielle McNary always knew she wanted to pursue a career in medicine.“When I was...

Christina Griffiths • 3/13/19

Ciersten Burks at Match Day 2018

Match Day 2019: Alumna Burks looks back, lends advice for big day

For fourth-year medical students at Indiana University School of Medicine, the specter of Match...

Katie Duffey • 3/11/19

Amelia R. Keller, MD: First woman faculty member of IU School of Medicine, Advocate, and Civic Leader

By Mary R. Ciccarelli, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Clinical Pediatrics, Indiana University...

Susan Stanley • 3/6/19

The image shows Liana Apostolova and with patient Mary Estrada

Will I be next?

For many families, what should be some of the best years of their LIVES WILL...

Ryan Bowman • 3/5/19

IU School of Medicine alumni partner to improve Kenyan health system

Two graduates of IU School of Medicine, Laura Ruhl, MD, MPH, and Matt...

Debbie Ungar • 2/11/19

Pediatric faculty member earns NIH award to expand research

As an assistant professor of pediatrics at IU School of Medicine, Megan McHenry,...

Debbie Ungar • 1/23/19

Early losses inspire IU cancer researcher

Melissa Fishel’s father didn’t see his daughter graduate from college. He didn’t walk her...

Sara Buckallew • 1/14/19