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Did you feel sucker punched last week?

Did you feel sucker punched last week?

As I listened to the news about the the Kavanaugh hearing and later that evening attended an event by the Women 4 Change IUPUI chapter I was struck with a sense of de ja vue. The Women 4 Change event was a screening on the movie “Speak Truth to Power” about Anita Hill and her hearing over 30 years ago. Felt sick to my stomach as I realized not much has changed. In the world of “he said/she said” if there is not DNA proof, there is not much to be done.

The judiciary committee hearing last week must have sparked a lot of memories as the National Assault Hotline had it’s busiest day ever on Friday September 28th with an increase of 738 percent over its usual volume.


For many of us, just listening to the discussion recalled instances of assault, harassment and unwanted advances and women physicians are not immune. That is why AMWA wrote asking for a further investigation into the allegations.

I hope we learn something from the last 30 years. What I learned from watching “Speak Truth to Power” was that every person should speak up and that strong women will still prevail. Anita Hill is a hero though she never wanted to be. She stood up and spoke and that is what Dr. Christine Ford did as well.

Let us learn to support each other and not discount each other.  We do not have to be devastated by our memories but we can certainly understand them and encourage others to be forth coming about theirs.

Re: Allegations of Sexual Misconduct by Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh