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Data Privacy Day: A message from the Chief Privacy Officer about protecting data at IU

Data Privacy Day is an international effort to empower individuals and businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. At IU, we monitor data privacy trends and developments throughout the world and enhance our program on a continuous basis to ensure the best experience for our constituents.

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More than just 1s and 0s: IT staff keeps school community connected during COVID-19

As so many throughout the school’s nine campuses provide support and leadership during this unprecedented time, one team has enabled thousands to remain connected. 

Sonder Collins  |  Jun 10, 2020

Screen capture of Virtual Human Dissector

Evaluating Virtual Dissector Technology in Anatomy

By Jonah Persinger, Stacey Dunham, & Polly Husmann Introduction In anatomy education, traditional laboratory methods such as the use of atlases, prosected cadavers, and models

Polly Husmann  |  Feb 10, 2020

Information Technolgy.jpg

Office of Technology Affairs continues momentum

When I joined the School of Medicine as the inaugural chief information officer early last year, I hit the ground running to identify and assess

Rob Lowden  |  Jan 22, 2020

Jatin Patel, PhD

Possible ICRME guest speaker collaboration could lead to improve regenerative technology gains

The Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering at Indiana University School of Medicine led by director Chandan Sen, PhD, is leading in the field

Marco Gutierrez  |  Aug 21, 2019

Asts2019 Roberts Ekser Kaufman Foley

Ekser receives prestigious American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) grant

Burcin Ekser, MD, PhD, recently earned a grant to support groundbreaking research in the development of advanced 3-D bioprinted human liver models. A transplant surgeon

Christine Drury  |  Aug 12, 2019

Computer Technology Hands On Keyboard

The same, but different: 24/7 technology assistance

Through a partnership with University IT Services (UITS), faculty, staff and learners supported by the Clinical Affairs IT Services (CAITS) team can now reach professional

Patrick Phillips  |  Aug 06, 2019

Ajay K Seth MD

ICRME hosts innovative surgeon, plans for partnership

The Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering at Indiana University School of Medicine is always looking for the next big breakthrough in the field

Marco Gutierrez  |  Jul 31, 2019

External Email Flagging

IU to tag email from senders outside university

External Email Flagging feature is designed to protect against phishing To protect against phishing scams, Indiana University will soon begin flagging all emails that come

Karen Spataro  |  Jun 10, 2019


Levelling Up: New IT Structure Offers Specialized Services Statewide

Indiana University School of Medicine has invested heavily over time—in talent, tools and systems—to address specific challenges with technology, and the successes are undeniable. Yet

Rob Lowden  |  Mar 27, 2019