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Students completing the physicians oath
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Tips for the first-year med school curriculum

Curious what to expect of Phase 1 Year 1 curriculum of medical school? The Orientation Committee put together some tips to help new students know what...

Whitney Walker • Date: 5/30/19

Important MS1: An oxymoron?

It's been a week and a day since we finished our first year of...

Roshini Selladurai • 5/16/14

Engagements, Finals and Step 1!

Hey Everyone,Sorry for my absence. With the end of the school year, finals and...

Nathan Delafield • 5/15/14

A Day in the Clinic

At the end of their 2nd year of medical school, MD/PhD students at IUSM...

Stefan Tarnawsky • 4/9/14

Laugh it out

[caption id="attachment_148" align="alignright" width="300"]

Roshini Selladurai • 4/5/14

Spring Reflections: Medicine & Garlic

In my first week at the IU School of Medicine, back in August 2011,...

Stefan Tarnawsky • 3/22/14

We’re not merely “surviving”, a different perspective.

Short post today because we're in the beginning of exam week:Often times medical students...

Nathan Delafield • 3/11/14

Get out of the bubble

Sometimes life can feel like a bubble. Everything you're focused on is within the...

Roshini Selladurai • 3/5/14

Focal/Segmental Glumerulosclerosis… and so much more!

Sound interesting enough?! Actually, it is. I often find a way to remember...

Nathan Delafield • 2/21/14