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Medical students reflect on clerkship experiences across the state


Medical students in a hospital

Each year, hundreds of IU School of Medicine medical students partake in clerkship experiences across the state to receive hands-on medical training in clinical care specialties. To celebrate our amazing clerkship sites across the state, we asked our medical students to share some of their favorite clerkship experiences.

Osama Mufti – Evansville
“I did my surgery rotation in Evansville and I had an amazing month. Evansville Surgical Associates are an amazing group to work with. Every doctor you meet is friendly, but Dr. Schymik was my favorite to work with. It’s almost impossible to match his high energy, but he takes a very hands-on approach compared to any doctor at any other clerkship I’ve been in. Also, with having small teams in the operating room in Evansville, I got to do and see a lot. I generally think the hours are great too, most days I got to the hospital around 6:30-7 am.”

Aaron Spesard – Muncie
“The hands-on experience that I got in Muncie was incredible. Within my first three days of neurosurgery I got to see a sixth-level spinal fusion and was first assist on an emergency from a car accident. During my orthopedics rotation in Muncie I was actually using some of the actual tools instead of just standing in the back and watching.”

David Bos – West Lafayette
“I did almost all of my rotations at the West Lafayette Campus and I really liked the flexibility. I was the only student on most of my rotations so, for example, when I did my OB/GYN rotation, I was able to choose cases I was most interested in. As a result, I was able to assist on a lot of surgeries and deliveries. I felt like my experience was really tailored to my needs and interests!”

Aaditya Shah – Evansville
“I had an amazing time with the Evansville Surgical Associates and, in particular, Dr. Roberto Iglesias. It was probably my favorite rotation in terms of the one-on-one teaching from an attending (especially because Dr. Iglesias is an outstanding teacher and mentor). I felt like being at Evansville let me really enjoy the real surgical experience and offered a lot of opportunity to participate.”

Julian Dilley – South Bend
“Everyone was really accommodating during my rotation in South Bend and I was really happy with the furnished apartment IU School of Medicine set me up with. I got to see a wide diversity of cases – outpatient, inpatient, young patients, old patients – and felt like I got a lot of personalized training with faculty.”

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