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IU School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony

Do’s and Don’ts for the White Coat Ceremony

Orientation week at IU School of Medicine culminates with the White Coat Ceremony, where...

Michael LaFollette • 7/21/17

New Crisis Support Service Available

Medical trainees at IU School of Medicine who become acutely distressed can access  crisis...

IUSM Blogger • 7/21/17

Home Sweet Home

Somehow, almost 3.5 years of med school have flown by and we’ve reached the...

Roshini Selladurai • 3/30/17

The Fourth Year of Medical School

The fourth year of medical school is the time when we apply for residency...

Brian Sutterer • 3/30/17

Transitioning to MS2

When I entered medical school, I assumed it would consist of all basic science...

IUSM Blogger • 3/30/17

“Easy to Ignore”

I remember during undergrad when I used to scan the different perspectives and insights...

Adam Murphy • 3/30/17

[What is used to close a patent ductus arteriosus?]

[What is used to close a patent ductus arteriosus?] "...Prostaglandins??" *flips card* "Wait, indometacin?...

Alex Farris • 3/30/17

The Winter Biathlon

In the early morning hours of a hot summer day in 2000 I watched...

Stefan Tarnawsky • 12/21/16