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15th Anniversary of Miles for Myeloma

Forty-eight cyclists hit the road in October for the annual Miles for Myeloma ride. Rafat Abonour, MD, leader of the Precision Health Initiative multiple myeloma disease research...

Anna Carrera • Date: 11/7/19

Verba Family

“We knew if we were to get pregnant again, it would be a rocky road.” Patient with rare condition thanks faculty for saving son

When Krista Verba went through her first two pregnancies, she experienced minimal complications. But...

Christina Griffiths • 7/18/19

Dr Benson And Terry Baker

First patient to try FDA-approved drug for amyloidosis is thankful

​More than a decade has passed since Terry Baker first noticed signs of amyloidosis....

Anna Carrera • 7/2/19

Could lettuce help save a life? IU researchers think so.

Eat your vegetables.Research at Indiana University School of Medicine is putting a new spin...

Sara Buckallew • 3/26/19

IU researchers develop clinical trial for heart disease

Two faculty members at Indiana University School of Medicine are looking to improve the...

Marco Gutierrez • 2/28/19

Tyler Trent with IU School of Medicine researchers.

Tyler Trent on the importance of research

Photo: On Dec. 19, 2018, IU School of Medicine faculty Jamie...

Andrea Zeek • 1/9/19

The picture is of Linda Mozzone, a woman who was diagnosed with XLH at age 2.

XLH patient says new drug is giving her hope for the future

At 55 years old, Linda Mozzone says she’s getting a second chance at life,...

Christina Griffiths • 9/10/18

If not me, then who?

If not me, then who?This simple yet powerful adage is what fuels the research...

Sara Buckallew • 2/28/18

What is an Orphan Drug?

Orphan Drugs: Developing Treatments for Rare Diseases

According to the FDA, millions of Americans are currently affected by more than 7,000...

Aaron Carroll • 2/28/18