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“We knew if we were to get pregnant again, it would be a rocky road.” Patient with rare condition thanks faculty for saving son

When Krista Verba went through her first two pregnancies, she experienced minimal complications. But when it came time for baby No. 3, things were different. “We...

Christina Griffiths • Date: 7/18/19

Dr Benson And Terry Baker

First patient to try FDA-approved drug for amyloidosis is thankful

​More than a decade has passed since Terry Baker first noticed signs of amyloidosis....

Anna Carrera • 7/2/19

Could lettuce help save a life? IU researchers think so.

Eat your vegetables.Research at Indiana University School of Medicine is putting a new spin...

Sara Buckallew • 3/26/19

IU researchers develop clinical trial for heart disease

Two faculty members at Indiana University School of Medicine are looking to improve the...

Marco Gutierrez • 2/28/19

Tyler Trent with IU School of Medicine researchers.

Tyler Trent on the importance of research

Photo: On Dec. 19, 2018, IU School of Medicine faculty Jamie...

Andrea Zeek • 1/9/19

The picture is of Linda Mozzone, a woman who was diagnosed with XLH at age 2.

XLH patient says new drug is giving her hope for the future

At 55 years old, Linda Mozzone says she’s getting a second chance at life,...

Christina Griffiths • 9/10/18

If not me, then who?

If not me, then who?This simple yet powerful adage is what fuels the research...

Sara Buckallew • 2/28/18

What is an Orphan Drug?

Orphan Drugs: Developing Treatments for Rare Diseases

According to the FDA, millions of Americans are currently affected by more than 7,000...

Aaron Carroll • 2/28/18

Dr. Christopher James on the Huntington’s Disease Center of Excellence

By: Dr. Christopher JamesIndiana University School of Medicine is making strides in a variety...

Em Collins • 2/28/18