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A young child is excited to play with bubbles
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Child Development – Understanding Why We Do What We Do: The Function of Behaviors

By Christine Raches, PsyD, HSPP, BCBA Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Department of Pediatrics, Division of Child Development Why do we do the things that we...

Cristy James • Date: 7/17/19

Child looks at letters on the floor.

Early autism evaluation helps child ‘take off like a rocket ship’

Hunter Dodson’s mom noticed early on that something might be...

Jenny Brown • 4/30/19

Child sitting on their parent's lap while talking with psychologist.

Child Development – Behavior Therapy 101

By Maura Rouse, PsyD Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Department of Pediatrics, Division of...

Cristy James • 4/19/19

Annual Riley Conference: Driving the Future of Child Health, One Patient at a Time

By: Dorota Szczepaniak, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Division Chief of General...

Ashley Wilson • 4/18/19

Photo of Dr. Michael Moore

Vaccination, awareness key to preventing HPV-related oral cancer

Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the...

Marco Gutierrez • 4/17/19

Book encourages women to grab science spotlight

More women are seizing careers in academic medicine than ever before. With it, they...

Sara Buckallew • 4/9/19

Pediatric Community Advocacy Rotation-A Walk in Their Shoes

Through the Community Pediatrics rotation, I have gotten to explore and participate in many...

Helen Pruitt • 4/4/19

Pediatric Community Advocacy Rotation – Team Work Makes the Dream Work

We are taught in medicine early on about the idea of team-work. Teams in...

Rupal Joshi • 4/4/19

Could lettuce help save a life? IU researchers think so.

Eat your vegetables.Research at Indiana University School of Medicine is putting a new spin...

Sara Buckallew • 3/26/19