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8 Tips to Prepare for Networking Events

Whether you are already engaging in networking activities or are newly embarking on getting out there, below are 8 tips to help you optimize your next...

Rebecca Rivera • Date: 10/3/19

Networking: What NOT To Do

With the basics of networking and the elevator speech ready to go, let’s keep...

Lakshmi Prabhu • 9/11/17

Pitching Oneself: Elevator Speeches

You are almost at the elevator when you see him.There he was,...

Bidisha (Eshaani) Mitra • 8/7/17

Alt-PhD Interview Series #1: Dr. Padma Portonovo, Program Manager

The Alt-PhD Interview Series features conversations with scientists who have successfully transitioned into a...

Lakshmi Prabhu • 7/17/17

Are You New To The Networking Game?

Networking provides a great opportunity to widen your professional circle. It’s also a great...

Lisa Darby • 6/26/17

Networking Tips from Isaiah Hankel

Networking can seem like a daunting task. When done correctly networking can go a...

Jenny Beebe • 6/5/17

The Eventful Networking Night- A Success

"Its not who you know, it's WHO KNOWS YOU"The Night of Networking on May...

Bidisha (Eshaani) Mitra • 5/8/17

A Night of Networking

Indy Science Connect is holding a networking event "A Night of Networking"...

Bidisha (Eshaani) Mitra • 5/2/17

Explore life science careers in Indiana

Despite an increasing number of individuals pursuing life science careers outside of academic institutions,...

Bidisha (Eshaani) Mitra • 4/27/17