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NetworkIN: A personal perspective

Life is a journey. We stumble upon individuals that we do not plan to meet and interact with a host of different personalities along the way....

Bidisha (Eshaani) Mitra • Date: 11/8/19

Life Outside the bubble

Graduate school is not the only place where the importance of networking is emphasised....

Elizabeth Swallow • 3/19/18

Maximize your network by staying connected

Maintaining a network can seem like a daunting task. It may be difficult to...

Jenny Beebe • 2/15/18

Reconnecting With Your Network

Fallen out with old acquaintances and need to reconnect without sounding selfish?Do you have...

Lakshmi Prabhu • 1/9/18

NetworkIN featured on IUSM Pathways Podcast!

NetworkIN is featured on the IUSM Pathways podcast this week!Pathways, a podcast hosted by Dr....

Lakshmi Prabhu • 12/26/17

Negative about networking? Go positive!

So many times I’ve walked into a networking session, wondering if I really was...

Emily Blue • 12/15/17

Finding myself through networking

While Networking events are amazing platforms for the growing professionals to meet fellow professionals...

Bidisha (Eshaani) Mitra • 11/28/17

Alt-PhD Interview Series #2: Dr. Jacqueline Chretien, Team Manager/Scientific Editor

The AltPhD Interview Series features conversations with scientists who have successfully transitioned into a...

Lakshmi Prabhu • 10/16/17

Fall Networking Event on October 26

The Indiana University School of Medicine Networking Committee invites you to the sixth networkIN event....

Lakshmi Prabhu • 9/26/17