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Explore life science careers in Indiana

Despite an increasing number of individuals pursuing life science careers outside of academic institutions, very few resources are available for trainees that promote career exploration. Thus,...

Bidisha (Eshaani) Mitra • Date: 4/27/17

Create your network @ Indy

Networking is essential for career development and is a skill-set that improves with practice. ...

Alexandra Aguilar-Perez • 4/22/18

Life Outside the bubble

Graduate school is not the only place where the importance of networking is emphasised....


Maximize your network by staying connected

Maintaining a network can seem like a daunting task. It may be difficult to...

Jenny Beebe • 2/15/18

Reconnecting With Your Network

Fallen out with old acquaintances and need to reconnect without sounding selfish? Do you have...

Lakshmi Prabhu • 1/9/18

NetworkIN featured on IUSM Pathways Podcast!

NetworkIN is featured on the IUSM Pathways podcast this week! Pathways, a podcast hosted by Dr....

Lakshmi Prabhu • 12/26/17

Negative about networking? Go positive!

So many times I’ve walked into a networking session, wondering if I really was...

Emily Blue • 12/15/17

Finding myself through networking

While Networking events are amazing platforms for the growing professionals to meet fellow professionals...

Bidisha (Eshaani) Mitra • 11/28/17

Alt-PhD Interview Series #2: Dr. Jacqueline Chretien, Team Manager/Scientific Editor

The AltPhD Interview Series features conversations with scientists who have successfully transitioned into a...

Lakshmi Prabhu • 10/16/17