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Upcoming History of Medicine Talk on February 20th

Jason Lilly • 1/29/19

Upcoming History of Medicine Talk on February 20th

2018 History of Medicine Talks

Co-sponsored by the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, History of Medicine Student Interest Group, John Shaw Billings History of Medicine Society, and Medical Humanities Program

“From the Gallows to the Dissection Table: Lessons in Medical Humanities”

Rebecca Messbarger, PhD.
Professor of Italian, Founding Director of Medical Humanities, Washington University

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
12:00—1:00 PM
Emerson Hall Auditorium

Set in Bologna and the Italy of Vesalius, Fallopia, Eustachio and Morgagni, this talk by Professor Messbarger examines the history of a fundamental rite of passage of medical education today: human dissection. She explores how the practice evolved within legal, religious and medical contexts, and how these changes have shaped both medical knowledge and essential understanding about ourselves.

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