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A Four Blogger Perspective: Seeing It Through Their Eyes.

Adapted from the Wall Street Physician (WSP) post of November 13th, 2018, “If You Could See Medicine Through My Eyes: Resident Perspective” In my 30+ years...

Jose Espada • Date: 11/13/18

Students completing the physicians oath

How Renters Insurance Works

One of the most heartbreaking situations is a medical student who is contacted by...

Jose Espada • 9/19/17

Are Physicians today Doctors of Debt?

Adapted from an entry in Kevin MDIn August, our incoming medical students will receive...

Jose Espada • 7/19/17

Private Student Loan Co-signers Beware: Understand the Risks

In today’s marketplace, many private loans require a co-signer as a safeguard.  Often, the...

Jose Espada • 3/8/17

Medical Students, Don’t be a Victim of Consumer Fraud!

With more financial transactions taking place online and technologies designed to capture these transactions...

Jose Espada • 12/23/16

Medical students in hospital

A Physician’s Fork in the Road: Student Loan Repayment, Forgiveness, and Refinancing

Recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine Resident 360 under "Managing Medical...

Jose Espada • 7/18/16

Students studying

The Cost of Preparing for the USMLE Step 1

Second year medical students are gearing up for what has been coined the most...

Jose Espada • 11/13/15

Students in classroom

Buying a Car as a Medical Student

I am nervous when Dr. Haywood speaks to the medical students at our campus...

Jose Espada • 11/4/15

Faculty and student

A financial perspective to Interviewing and relocating to a residency program.

Summer and early fall, reminds me of what is at stake for fourth year...

Jose Espada • 10/23/15