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A Four Blogger Perspective: Seeing It Through Their Eyes.

Adapted from the Wall Street Physician (WSP) post of November 13th, 2018, “If You Could See Medicine Through My Eyes: Resident Perspective” In my 30+ years...

Jose Espada • Date: 11/13/18

MS3: Financial planning for your fourth year

By: Jose Espada, director, Office of Student Financial ServicesLooking ahead to your final year...

Sara Buckallew • 3/30/18

MS4: How to complete the W-4 for residency programs

By: Jose Espada, director, Office of Student Financial ServicesStudents are beginning to receive employment...

Sara Buckallew • 3/30/18

IU School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony

What should future Doctors Do? Pay down student loans or invest?

There are many competing goals when you first match into a residency program as...

Jose Espada • 3/26/18

Low Credit Scores Can Cost You

Credit scores are a topic of discussion this time of year.  Fourth year medical...

Jose Espada • 2/21/18

Financial_Aid_Feature_The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What does it mean for medical residents?

Modified from another BLOG post on Kevin MD.Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts...

Jose Espada • 1/26/18

Movie popcorn

A Financial Literacy Moment: Movie Passes

Do you like to go to the movies? In my trips to the IUSM...

IU School of Medicine • 1/19/18

Holiday Planning Financial Success!

Holidays are fast approaching!  Planning ahead can save your budget, so indulge while staying...

Jose Espada • 11/20/17

Read Any Good Money Management Books Recently?

 I often get asked if I have read money management type books.  For example,...

Jose Espada • 11/1/17