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Are Physicians today Doctors of Debt?

Adapted from an entry in Kevin MD In August, our incoming medical students will receive a clean, crisp, new white coat.  On the front, the school’s...

Jose Espada • Date: 7/19/17

Credit Scores Likened to Your Board Scores

I recently read about credit scores though a blog re-posted from Future Proof...

Jose Espada • 6/13/18

2018-2019 Residency Financial Information

The time to apply for residency programs is quickly approaching. This process can be...

Jose Espada • 5/31/18

Summer 2018 financial information for Class of 2018 and 2019

Dear Class of 2018 and 2019:If you are expecting a refund for the 2018...

Jose Espada • 5/18/18

MS4: Should you rent or buy?

By: Jose Espada, director, Office of Student Financial Services You matched, and now the battery...

Sara Buckallew • 4/6/18

MS3: Financial planning for your fourth year

By: Jose Espada, director, Office of Student Financial ServicesLooking ahead to your final year...

Sara Buckallew • 3/30/18

MS4: How to complete the W-4 for residency programs

By: Jose Espada, director, Office of Student Financial ServicesStudents are beginning to receive employment...

Sara Buckallew • 3/30/18

IU School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony

What should future Doctors Do? Pay down student loans or invest?

There are many competing goals when you first match into a residency program as...

Jose Espada • 3/26/18

Low Credit Scores Can Cost You

Credit scores are a topic of discussion this time of year.  Fourth year medical...

Jose Espada • 2/21/18