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The ABIM Research Pathway: Fast-Tracking Residency to Become a Physician Scientist

The Korolev Crater on Mars. This picture from the ESA Mars Express mission shows there was a 2018 White Christmas somewhere in the solar system. ——————...

Stefan Tarnawsky • Date: 12/30/18

Participate in a Voluntary Study on Clinical Decision-Making for Pain Management

Study Announcement: Pain Appraisals of Children with Chronic Abdominal Pain: An Eye-tracking Study Investigators at...

IU School of Medicine • 7/6/18

The beautiful view from the Team Rooms at Eskenazi Hospital

Sub-I: Sweat the Small Stuff

It’s midnight on my first Medicine Sub-I call shift. My new admit has longstanding...

Stefan Tarnawsky • 5/18/18

Where in the World Does Your Money Go?

I conduct financial literacy workshops at several undergraduate summer programs annually throughout the country...

Jose Espada • 10/17/17

The Greatest

Leading up to and all throughout interview season, I often get questions asking: How do...

Michael McKenna • 2/2/17

New and Improved?

Have your ERAS application ready by September 15th. Have your ERAS application ready by...

Michael McKenna • 8/1/16

Students studying

Now What?

After a momentous week filled with high profile Snaps, tweets and

Michael McKenna • 7/18/16

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses

Last week, I discussed trying to find resources to guide your search for...

Michael McKenna • 7/11/16

Hooked on a Feeling

As the Class of 2017 starts to get fully into "applying for residency" mode,...

Michael McKenna • 7/1/16