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Team passes Flight Readiness Review

Team passes Flight Readiness Review
Written by Melissa Kacena

Yesterday, we had our Flight Readiness Review (FRR). This is a fairly formal, go/no-go review detailing the status of every aspect of our experiment from the science and the hardware to the software, the operations, the logistics and more.

There are a few items that still need to be completed, several of which are more paperwork or quality assurance related.

But the overall finding is that we are a go for launch!

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Caitlin VanOverberghe

Caitlin VanOverberghe is a communications coordinator for the Indiana University School of Medicine, where she supports the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and the Department of Ophthalmology. Having earned degrees in journalism and telecommunications from Ball State University, Caitlin worked for newspapers in Indiana and Michigan before joining the Office of Strategic Communications. Her goal is to use creative writing and marketing to effectively share stories about the important work happening within the school.