Bone Healing in Space

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Ariane Z
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Meet the Team: Ariane Zamarioli

Written by Ariane Zamarioli Hello everyone! My name is Ariane Zamarioli and I come from Brazil. I was a visiting assistant professor in Dr. Kacena’s lab...

IU School of Medicine • Date: 10/7/19

SpaceX on Snapchat

One of our undergraduate students assisting with the preparation for the launch...

Shatoria Lunsford • 3/2/17


Tears of Joy!

After working so hard for more than 3 years, I...

Shatoria Lunsford • 2/21/17

Successful Launch!

Rasha Hammamieh and Melissa...

Shatoria Lunsford • 2/19/17

Update on Launch

Well we were all disappointed when the launch was aborted at T-13...

Shatoria Lunsford • 2/18/17

News Updates!

Launch still scheduled for 10:01a, Saturday, February 18th.    We...

Shatoria Lunsford • 2/18/17

All nighter

Haven't pulled an all nighter for a while! Our team worked...

Shatoria Lunsford • 2/17/17

More Press on SpaceX Launch

As the team is preparing for a February...

Shatoria Lunsford • 2/15/17

Successful Static Firing!

Good news! Static firing tests were successful and SpaceX is working toward...

Shatoria Lunsford • 2/14/17