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New Launch Date: Take 21?

New Launch Date: Take 21?
Written by Melissa Kacena

Yesterday from 1-2 pm Eastern Standard Time, I was on a conference call with NASA where for at least for 30 minutes we discussed how the modified launch date (July 18) impacts our delivery schedule and our onsite schedule.

Just more than an hour later, I was notified that the new official launch date is no earlier than July 21. Will this be the actual launch date? Who knows. But we will keep you posted!

There are at least two family-related things that this new date makes easier for me.

First, I get to enjoy the week around July 4 with my family, including watching fireworks on July 6 (originally our team was scheduled to arrive at Kennedy Space Center early on July 5).

Second, my youngest son, for his birthday, asked to watch the Liverpool F.C. vs. Borussia Dortmund game being hosted at Notre Dame. The game is July 19, so now the rest of the family can go to the game, and my son can invite a friend to take my place while I am at Kennedy Space Center preparing for the launch. And my family can still get to Kennedy Space Center for the July 21 launch.

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