Bone Healing in Space

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Rachel Blosser
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From My Eyes: Rachel Blosser

Written by Rachel Blosser Honestly, it’s hard to believe that the launch is over. When I started working in Dr. Kacena’s lab back in January 2018,...

IU School of Medicine • Date: 10/16/19

Ariane Z

Meet the Team: Ariane Zamarioli

Written by Ariane ZamarioliHello everyone! My name is Ariane Zamarioli and I come from...

IU School of Medicine • 10/7/19

Lilly Bloser 2

From My Eyes: Lily Blosser

Written by Lily BlosserMy name is Lily Blosser, and I am 11 years old....

IU School of Medicine • 9/26/19

Murad Nazzal

Meet the Team: Murad Nazzal

Written by Murad NazzalMy name is Murad, and I am entering my freshman year...

IU School of Medicine • 9/19/19

Caio Staut

Meet the Team: Caio Staut

Written by Caio StautI am Caio de Andrade Staut and am 28 years old,...

IU School of Medicine • 9/9/19

Zack Gunderson

From My Eyes: Zack Gunderson

Written by Zack GundersonOne of my favorite parts of the research trip were the...

IU School of Medicine • 9/7/19

Zack Campbell

From My Eyes: Zack Campbell

Written by Zack CampbellReflecting on our trip to Kennedy Space Center, I have to...

IU School of Medicine • 9/5/19

Perugini Impressions

From My Eyes: Anthony Perugini

Written by Anthony PeruginiWhat an incredible experience! From the moment we arrived at Cape...

IU School of Medicine • 9/3/19



Written by Sue SamsonOur bone research, along with over 2,700 pounds of other science...

IU School of Medicine • 8/30/19